Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY 2010!!

Is it really 2010 already?  This is the time of year we all make, or at least think about what we want to accomplish this year.  Do you actually make a list and check things off?  Or do you just go with the flow?  Or are you somewhat in-between?  I'm always full of good intentions and almost every year say "this is my finish those UFO's year"!  Well, this year will be different!  I've found that most of those projects are still unfinished for a variety of reasons.....wrong colors, boring, outdated, etc.  Maybe what these excuses are really saying is that your abilities as a quilter/artist have grown to a new level.  So....this will be the year to allow yourself the right to not have to finish what you really don't like any longer.  Pack them up and find new homes for them, put the fabric back in your stash if you can, or whatever is needed to let it go.  Keeping all those ufo's makes me feel "guilty" about starting a new, exciting project or technique.
Here's to a new year of guilt-free quilting! 

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