Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Tribute to Friendship Photos

Just a small sampling of the quilts at the Brigham City Museum- Gallery.
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Anonymous said...

Bev, this is my test comment. Great additions to the blog today. I am clueless what to use in the "SELECT PROFILE" box. Leigh W

Pots and Pins said...

Amazing quilts - I've seen REAL UTAH quilts before - now THOSE women know what they're doing! This is going to be a great blog - nothing better than being able to see real quilts! xo, Nan

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Just checking things out. Looking good!!!

Debbie said...

Crystal and I had a great time last week driving to Brigham City to view Kaye's amazing quilt display!! I was highly motivated to return home to my sewing machine to start a quilting project. Unfortunately, being the president of this organization does not allow much time for quilting. Darn!!! I am so glad though to associate with such amazing quilters.