Friday, February 12, 2010

Ogden Quilt Guild workshop

The Ogden Quilt Guild had a fun sew in this week. The theme for this year is using up your scraps and the group got a great start on Wednesday morning. Kaye Evans is Ogden's program chair person this year and showed everyone how to make some string blocks using a paper foundation and different size strips. It was a fun morning of sharing ideas, scraps, and friendship. The bottom picture shows some of Brandy's finished blocks....the lower edge of the table. I was so busy sewing my blocks that I almost forgot to take some pictures!

If you are looking for ideas to use up some of those scraps that seem to multiply when we leave the room, check out Bonnie Hunter's web site at: . Her patterns are free to use, but they are copyrighted, so please abide by her request for using them. She also has just had her second book published on how to use up what you already have.
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Anonymous said...

is ogden the only guild that will be covered?

Bev said...

To Anonymous:
If you belong to another guild please have your president or area rep send me an email with the information and photos so I can post them. So far I have only received something from the Sandy Stitchers and Ogden for this blog. If you have photos or a write-up to include, I'll be happy to put it on.

jude.t said...

I've just seen the best cat quilt ever!
Fractured Cat by Kaye Evans.
I'm very much hoping the pattern is available!
Judy T.

mjgilbert52 said...

I am searching for a quilt pattern called "ogden Block or maybe Star". I saw a sample block several years ago and bought the pattern, but in my last move it was lost. My family is Ogden and I would like to make a quilt for my mother using that block. Have you every heard of it?