Sunday, March 7, 2010

UQG's New Website

Have you checked out the new website for the Utah State Quilt Guild yet?  Kudos to Levi and Debbie for taking on this huge transformation!  There is a list of quilt/craft shops along with a google map, so check it out.  Many of the shops will give UQG members a discount, so make sure you have your membership card (on the back of the Beeline for now)with you.

Wondering what quilt shows or retreats are coming up?  The new Events Calendar will give you a listing of fun things to attend.  Some of the events are local and easy to get to, and if you like to travel, some of the major shows around the country are also listed.  If your guild or area is planning a show or retreat please let us know in advance so we can put it on the "calendar" and post info here on the blog.  We want people to know how great the quilters in Utah are, so let's spread the word!

This is just a little sample of what is on the new website, so get your favorite "cuppa" and spend a little time browsing at:

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Levi said...

It keeps getting better and better... lots of work by very dedicated ladies here and there. Thanks for the shout-out Bev!

UQG Webmaster