Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grayson County Quilters

The pictures of the wedding ring are a project a few of us did one Saturday.  The picture of “Deb’s old blocks” is a project of mine.  A box of my mother-in-laws sewing projects was found (she passed away several years ago) and was given to me by a daughter as I am the only one who quilts.  She said to “do whatever” with them.  There was a stack of the little hexagon blocks (around 40, thank heavens they were already put together! ha) that I decided to make for wall hangings and table runners.  I have completed 12 projects and plan to give one to each of the 9 brothers and sisters.  The extras will be raffled off at the reunion in July.  I thought it was better for everyone to have a “piece” of their Mom’s quilt project.  I sewed fusible interfacing to the hexagons, turned them, then sewed them on different blocks adding sashing.  They are all different.  It was a “Long” process but one that I hope everyone will appreciate.  The 4th quilt project is a picture of the material we are using to make our July 4th quilt and the other picture is of a few members working on it.  We had already cut it out and then everyone grabbed a stack and made the blocks during our March meeting.  It is going to be a very striking quilt!  The picture of Janet’s eagle is what is she making for one of her sons.  An interesting take on the star pattern.


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