Wednesday, April 28, 2010

UQG's Oldest Member

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UQG's Pres. Debbie Robertson and Pres. Elect, Crystal North had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Alice Sundquist, age 93.  Alice is quite a remarkable lady who still quilts most days.  I love her idea of threading a bunch of needles onto one spool of thread.

These two quilts were made for her great-grandaughters. Hand appliqued and embroidered.

                 Label for flower quilt

                                More stash 

  • Alice taught the “Notan” type of quilting and even won an award at the 1978 Springville quilt show with this quilt.  “Patterns in Nature” is the name of the quilt.

Miniature Quilts "Butterflies Fly Free" featured in Miniature Quilt Magazine, 1978.
 Another great mini of Sunbonnet Sue.  Hand appliqued and buttonhole stitch.

Check out the home page at for the rest of the story.  It sounds like Debbie and Crystal had a great day with one of our amazing quilters.

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