Monday, May 10, 2010

Colonial House Quilt Days - April 27, 2010

Marie working on applique       


We had 2 young visitors that are in the Virtual K-12 school and their
teacher join us for awhile.  They learned about quilting and even hand
pieced some rows together for a quilt that will be in the 2011 Holiday Quilt
Show and Auction.

Abbie and Taleen are basting a quilt that has been hand embroidered.

Working on the sashing of a donated quilt.

 This quilt has an oriental flare and curves!

Judie marking the outside border.

There are about 50 quilters who go to the Colonial House on the fourth Tuesday of each month to work on quilts for the Holiday Quilt Show and Auction.  The quilts are all hand quilted and finished during the year and then auctioned at the annual fundraiser for the Deseret Foundation.  If you'd like to meet some wonderful quilters, have lunch, and stitch a few stitches stop by the:

The Colonial House
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
259 East and 7th Avenue

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gamawinkie said...

looks like it was a fun day.