Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grayson Country Quilters

Here is a picture of Delpha Zentner who is the mother of Kathy Hurst, one of our guild members.  When she heard that our guild was making light blankets for the “Helping Hands of Haiti” she gave us 25 that she made.  What a lady!  She often donates her light blankets to other organizations as well.

Deb Bayles
Grayson Country Quilters
Blanding, UT

Thanks for sending us this picture and information.  Many thanks to Delpha and Kathy for their contribution to our "Helping Hands for Haiti" project.  It won't take long to meet our goal of 1,000 blankets with this kind of response from our wonderful members (and non-members).  Aren't Mothers wonderful?!

For more information on type and size requirements for this project go to the UQG home page.  The first shipment of quilts went to Haiti last month, so keep them coming.  We have until Quilt Fest in October to reach our goal.

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