Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Quilt Fest 2010

Quilt Fest 2010 ended yesterday after four fun filled days.  There was a lot of rain but no one seemed to mind because we were all busy with classes, buying goodies at the vendors mall, seeing old friends, and seeing the quilt show.  The level of talent at this show was outstanding!  It's just amazing to see some of the ideas and techniques quilters use to design their quilts.   I was so busy and excited to see everything that I forgot to take lots of pictures, but here are a few for you to ohh-h-h and ahh-h-h over.

The luncheons are always fun and this year was no exception. Lectures and slide shows / quilts were presented by Mary Stori, Nora McMeeking, John Flynn, Sue Nickels, and Susan McBride Gilgen.  Each one has a different style of quilt making so it was interesting to hear how each one began quilting and how they developed their individual style and different techniques.

Many thanks to the Quilt Fest Board and committee members for putting together our annual Quilt Fest!

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Cindy said...

I'm so sorry I missed attending this year. Was an announcement made about location and date for next year? I don't want to miss it again!