Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Amazing Quilter

This is a "must see" video!  Diane Rose is a quilter who is totally blind.  She has made over 600 quilts by machine using only her sense of touch.  Click on the link to watch her in action along with an interview.  Thank you Janet for reminding me of this amazing video.

Quilting at Colonial House

I've heard so much about the "Colonial House" quilting days held each month, that I finally had to go check it out.  Becky Smith sent me a few pictures and some information that I posted here last year, but actually taking part yesterday was really informative, amazing and fun!  By nine a.m. the quilt frames were being set up, quilts being tacked on the frames, projects and supplies brought out.  I got a quick tour of the mansion (before being put to work) and was amazed by not only the beauty of the house, but also by the way these ladies worked together.  There were four quilting frames set up in different rooms, including the central hallway, and another room for hand piecing, applique, and hoop or lap quilting.  There were at least seven projects being worked on, all at various stages of completion.  Just think about how well organized all of this must be kept!

All of the quilts that are made or donated during the year are for the Holiday Quilt Show and Auction which is sponsored by the Deseret Foundation.  The monies raised from this auction is for medical research and education.  The number of auctioned items has been around seventy-five, all hand quilted.  Some are hand pieced as well.
Command Center

Hand Piecing
 I just realized that I forgot to snap a photo of one of the rooms!  My apologies, Ladies!  There was another group quilting around another frame.  (That must have been the really quiet group). 

Applique and hand piecing
It was a delightful day spent with others who share the same passion.  There's something about a hand quilted quilt that warms the heart and each stitch warms soul.
Hand Quilting

Hand Quilting

One more!

Busy, busy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Convergence in Ogden

The Ogden Quilt Guild had a fun meeting last week.  Barbara Cook talked about Ricky Tims "Convergence" quilts.  His technique is fun, easy, and always a surprise at the end.  Next month will be a "hands on" workshop creating these unique little quilts.

Barbara Purser made a t-shirt quilt
and finished a winter bom that she hand quilted.  Her hand quilting is wonderful.

Kayie Powers showed us her yummy quilt that is all about chocolate.  Kayie does beautiful needle turn applique.  See all those chocolate kisses and cupcakes?  Yum-m-m-m and no calories!

Snow Goose Quilt Show

Piece in the Valley Quilt Guild will have their ninth annual quilt show next weekend in conjunction with the Annual Snow Goose Festival in Delta, UT.  Last year there were over 100 quilts on display.  The festival will be held Feb. 25th and 26th, with lots of fun activities.  Check out the website at or

Change in Colonial House Schedule

 For those of you who go to "Colonial House" to work on quilts for the Holiday Auction, there has been a change in this month's schedule.

After much consideration, it has been decided to only hold Quilt Days on Tuesday, February 22. Lunch will be provided.

We apologize if this is an inconvenience to anyone.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Quilt Fest Logo

 Here's the new logo and theme for Utah Quilt Fest 2011.  Isn't it awesome! 

Quilt Fest 2011 "A Symphony of Colors"... Have you made your room reservations yet? Check out the website for more info.
Start making your entry for the quilt show....color, color, color and more color!  This is the year for you to stretch your imagination and use some of those funky, fun fabrics you've been avoiding. The National Teachers for 2011 are George and Virginia Siciliano, Freddy Moran, and Sally Collins.  Jill Finley (from Utah), quilt, fabric, and notions designer, will also be one of our guest speakers.  Plan on staying at the Provo Marriott, even if you live nearby, because rumor has it that there will be lots of evening/night activities that you won't want to miss.

Check It Out

 Just got this message from Grayson Country Quilters......

Some of you may be interested in our guild's newest effort to communicate with the world.
We have a web presence now!      
Feel free to come visit us!

The new blog has lots of information about upcoming events in the southern part of Utah and Arizona and, of course, their own happenings.  Recipes too!