Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quilting at Colonial House

I've heard so much about the "Colonial House" quilting days held each month, that I finally had to go check it out.  Becky Smith sent me a few pictures and some information that I posted here last year, but actually taking part yesterday was really informative, amazing and fun!  By nine a.m. the quilt frames were being set up, quilts being tacked on the frames, projects and supplies brought out.  I got a quick tour of the mansion (before being put to work) and was amazed by not only the beauty of the house, but also by the way these ladies worked together.  There were four quilting frames set up in different rooms, including the central hallway, and another room for hand piecing, applique, and hoop or lap quilting.  There were at least seven projects being worked on, all at various stages of completion.  Just think about how well organized all of this must be kept!

All of the quilts that are made or donated during the year are for the Holiday Quilt Show and Auction which is sponsored by the Deseret Foundation.  The monies raised from this auction is for medical research and education.  The number of auctioned items has been around seventy-five, all hand quilted.  Some are hand pieced as well.
Command Center

Hand Piecing
 I just realized that I forgot to snap a photo of one of the rooms!  My apologies, Ladies!  There was another group quilting around another frame.  (That must have been the really quiet group). 

Applique and hand piecing
It was a delightful day spent with others who share the same passion.  There's something about a hand quilted quilt that warms the heart and each stitch warms soul.
Hand Quilting

Hand Quilting

One more!

Busy, busy!

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