Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More news from Blanding

New technique shared

Though Ila Sparks is not one to put all her eggs in one basket, she's not hesitant about putting all her chickens in one coop.  Many beautiful quilts were shown at the last Grayson Country quilt guild meeting Feb. 16, but this quilt drew lots of ooh's and ah's.  Ila usually uses McKenna Ryan patterns for raw edge applique quilts she makes and her brilliant rooster quilt was especially colorful.  She has only been quilting for three years, but is the local expert on this technique. She explained, "I was taught to quilt by Cindy Foote and Amy Smouse at Quiltin' Chicks in Cortez, Colorado."
   For more information about Blanding Quilters and the guild visit their blog: http://graysoncountryquilters.blogspot.com/
   At February's meeting. the guild completed labeling and tying humanitarian baby quilts which are being given to the two county hospitals.  They also discussed various ways to label quilts, and members were encouraged to keep a photographic journal of the history of the quilts they make.  Members shared various ways of doing this: commerical journals, three ring binders, and published books using on-line templates.
    Ada Rigby and Debbie Bayles showed "first quilts" they had made.  Ada's was made in 1947 when she was in high school. Her brother, who was nine at the time, helped her cut the squares and make the quilt.  It was still in good condition.  (See attached photo.)
Debbie's was made 10 years ago in an afterschool class taught by Rosalie Payne.   Bonnie Meyer shared a story of a beautiful pieced and hand quilted quilt that was damaged by over-washing, (See attached photo)
     The guild encourages anyone receiving a one-of-a-kind hand-made quilt to lovingly hand wash the quilt, or use a gentle cycle.  Many quilts have hundreds of hours of painstaking work in them and are heirloom quality.  They need TLC when it comes to use and care.


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