Sunday, July 3, 2011

Annie Smith class extended

Good news for Utah Quilt Guild members!  The new online education program for members has been extended through July!!  "Exploring Fabric Choices" by Annie Smith is a "go at your own pace" class comprised of 14 Workshop episodes and 14 Quilt Project episodes.  You will have access to all the episodes until the end of June, and during that time you can watch any episode at any time.

There has been a lot of positive feedback from our members who have watched these videos.  This class is not just for beginners.  Annie gives some great tips and advice for choosing color and value, and shows how and why some colors work together and some not so well.  So, if you've ever looked at a fabric and wondered if it was a dark, medium or light, or the right value for your project, take a look at her class videos.

Some of us had a little trouble registering which must be done in order to gain access.  So, here are the steps: log onto the UQG website, click on "Membership", then click on "Online Class".  This will take you to the UQG page on Annie's site.  On the right sidebar is a place that says "Click to Register".  Once there complete the information required and submit.  Now comes the hard part.  Waiting for verification that you are a UQG member and an email that will give you your password.  Make sure that you save that password!!  The easiest way is to copy and paste.  Once you have access to the class, you can have your computer "remember" you.

 This class is great for beginners and a nice refresher for every level.  Hope you all enjoy the program.

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