Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fun visits

This came in from Becky Smith last week. (Sorry for the delay...had trouble converting it to my Mac).  Becky decided to visit some of our guilds just to see what they are doing over the summer.  Sure sounds like a fun thing to do.  Maybe more of us should do this once in a while.

"It was great being able to visit my friends at different Guild Meetings in the last month.  Many of them I hadn’t seen in years, except passing in the hall at Quilt Fest.
I have been reading what their Guilds were doing and I just happened to visit some of their meetings when my favorite thing was happening.  A trunk show!  Kayie Powers was sharing her quilts and stories to go with them at the Ogden Guild on Wednesday, June 8th.  And then I stopped into Roy Pioneer Quilters on Thursday, June 9th and Ruth Gordy was doing a trunk show.  Ruth has done many quilts that have been featured in Quilt Magazines thru the years.  We even got a glimpse of some things to come. 
Thursday Evening, June 9th I went to Piece of Mind Quilt Guild in the Ogden Valley. They were learning a fun Buggy Barn Technique and Janae Tanner showed a fast way of making pieces for doll arms or legs.  It would even work for heads.
Tuesday, June 14th I happened to be in the Syracuse Area and stopped in at their meeting.  Suzanne Roach showed some techniques for painting on fabric and then showed some of her beautiful quilts.
Thursday, June 16th caught me swinging by Layton Quilters.  They had lots of great finished things to show and projects they were working on.  Denise Thalman was “Mary Poppins”.   Someone would show a quilt and explain the ruler they used and Denise would pull it out of her bag and say,” like this? “
Of course all the groups I visited had Show & Tell, my second favorite thing!  I know that they next place I will see most of these quilters will be at Quilt Fest."

Thanks for the report, Becky.  If any one else out there has visited any of the quilt shows, or fun guild activities, send me the news at Utah Quilters so more folks can see what our Utah quilters are doing.  Photos are more than welcome, too.

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