Thursday, August 4, 2011

Winning Show In Blanding

111 Quilts and New Venue Pair Up for a Winning Show

         There were a lot of pluses at the 2011 Quilt Show: More room, better light, air conditioning, convenience to other activities, frames, rest rooms, seating, movie room, and increased numbers attending and best of all 111 beautiful quilts to view.

         At the end of the show a short awards program was held, before the quilts were taken down.  Holly Walker was presented with a new Quilt of Valor to be utilized as needs arise for the local National Guard unit.  She was happy to announce that the unit was on their way back to the United States, after having serving a year in Afghanistan.

          Roberta Bond from Bluff was drawn out as the winner of the Country Stars Raffle quilt.  “She was pretty excited when she got the phone call July 4th, as she had never won anything before” stated President Janet Wilcox.  “We so appreciate everyone who made donations to the guild on this project.  It helps to fund all the projects we do each year.” 
         A special recognition award of 4th of July fabrics, went to Robin and Kay Jones for their service on the raffle project.  Each of them donated over 50 hours at Clarkes tending the quilt and booth.  Toni Lacy's creative "Children's Parade" display added a welcoming sparkle to this year's show.  "We  want to thank the quilters who came up on Saturday and Sunday, and helped man the booth, and take down on Monday," stated the officers.  Lots of good husbands, sons, son-in-laws, and friends showed on to help put up the frames, and shuttle them up and down the stairs.  Special thanks to Brian Sherman and Sherie Eldridge who pitched in when we really needed help."

        Winners in the “Viewer’s Choice” categories
   About 170 people filled out ballots for the "Viewers Choice" Awards. 
Patriotic -- 1st place Bobbie Holt—Red/white/ blue Griddle Cake
   2nd Sidney Christensen—flag wall hanging
   3rd  Dorinne Eberhard--State birds quilt.  This quilt has an interesting history, as the top was hand painted by Dena Eberhard who passed away a few years ago.  It was later finished by Dorinne.       
Traditional quilts There were over 50 quilts in this category, with many receiving votes.  But the top winner was
    1st  Nancy Kimmerle -- Why I Love San Juan
    2nd   Janet Wilcox--Eagle Scout Quilt
    3rd    Eve Lyn Perkins --Maroon stack N' whack 

Youth – There was a great showing of quilts in the youth category, most made by 1st time quilters from the recently held 4-H/Guild quilt camp.  “It was wonderful seeing how enthused and motivated the girls were to finish their quilts,” stated Gail Glover, secretary of the guild.  Ann Pugh one of the 1st timer quilters actually made a second quilt, a beautiful blue star pattern which was shown with the patriotic quilts.
    1st     Kaitlyn Montella  made her blue and cream “mini”  Turning Twenty for her 5th grade teacher, Billie Sue Nielson   
    2nd    Tyler Barton’s   “First Quilt” was done at 4-H/quilt guild camp in June
    3rd     Skye Jeppson...Twin size, yellow/ green/ red quilt with sunflower quilting was also begun at quilt camp this summer. 

Small Quilts  included wall hangings, table runners, tree skirts. baby quilts.
   1st   -- Gail Glover, Grace’s Garden  was a layered ragged edge flannel quilt with bright appliqués.
   2nd   -- Gail Glover, Jungle Baby featured three-dimensional animals on a baby blanket.
    3rd --   Ila Starks,  Back on the Farm, was a labor of loving layering and raw edge appliqué.  The pattern she used came from Quiltin’ Chicks of Cortez, Colo.

Blanding quilters are encouraged to enter their quilts in the San Juan County Fair in August.  The next meeting of the guild will be Wednesday August 17.

 Back drop photo shows Bobbie's quilt, as well as 2nd place flag, and 3rd place state birds quilt, and also shows Ann Pugh's star quilt as well as Toni's display.

 2nd place Where Eagles Fly by Janet Wilcox (Patriotic and Traditional)

1st place Traditional quilts large/ Nancy Kimmerle  "Why I Love San Juan County

 1st place small quilt "Grace's Garden by Gail Glover     Sidney Christensen photo

Winner of Raffle quilt which raised over $2000--Roberta Bond (star quilt held with husband by covered wagon)

Bobbie Holt holding her 1st place quilt

1st place Youth quilt Blue Turning 20. Kaitlyn Montella   Sidney Christensen photo

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