Saturday, September 10, 2011

Busy Blanding Quilters

  Aztec Sr. Citizen winning blue/honorable mention at fair  by Janet Wilcox

                                                                                                                       Gail Glovers Jungle quilt --Best of Show at county fair for applique

Kaitlyn Montella's Blue Ribbon quilt which she did at the guild sponsored quilt camp. 

 Aug 20ll  Kathleen Guymon shares a story about a quilt made many years ago by her mother, out of dresses she wore.

 Aug 20ll Mitty Brice shows the last quilt her mother made before passing.  She finally finished quilting it ..

Fair Winners “Wrap up”

Many quilters from Blanding were successful garnering blue ribbons at the San Juan County fair in August. There are about 8 different categories for quilts. The guild was especially happy to see so many of their quilt camp youth quilters enter the fair and win ribbons. In addition to 1st place finishes, the following quilters were also awarded additional rosettes:

Best of Show Awards --cash prize of $40
Jeri Montella -- 9 patch Batik
Gail Glover --  Jungle Quilt
Tyler Barton  -- 4-H camp quilt

Honorable Mention Awards:
Janet Wilcox --  Aztec Sr. Citizen
Nancy Kimmerle  --Why I love San Juan
Gail Glover --  Games Quilt
Janet Wilcox -- Eagle Scout Quilt
Jerri Montella -- Quilt
Kaitlyn Montella  4-H Camp quilt  

4-H youth quilters going to State in quilt division:
Tyler Barton, Cole Barton, Kaitlyn Montella

Summer Social and Show and Tell

   Blanding quilters had their annual summer social Aug. 17 with 23 quilters attending.  A Café Rio buffet was the main fare.  Deb Bayles gave an update on the hospital quilt service project.  All blocks are done and it is being set together.  Packets were distributed for the Fallen Police Officer quilt which will also be finished in September.
    The highlight of the evening was the sharing of quilts and stories about quilters. Kathleen shared about a special quilt her mother, Beth Guymon, had made for her when she was in high school.  She took it with her to nursing school, and used its through lots of years to snuggle up in.  Recently she found it again, at a time when she needed its comforting feel and reminder of Mom.  Mitty Brice showed the quilt her mother had on frames to quilt, when she died, and showed how she had finally finished it, as a tribute to her mother.

 Kathy Hurst shared some special stories about her mother, Delpha Zentner who passed away July 19.  She made over 20,000 humanitarian receiving blankets in her lifetime for the LDS church relief efforts. One year the Blanding quilt also tied quilts to help her.  As a tribute to Delpha her ward relief society planned a special “finish the blankets” day July 19, the very morning she passed away.  They competed 63 blankets that day with another 40 plus coming in later.  In addition, the Relief Society did a final push for Grandma “Z’s: pet project, collecting Campbell Soup labels for schools.  Just prior to her death they brought over 1000 labels as a tribute to her tireless efforts reminding others to help out schools.  The Blanding Elementary will be the beneficiary of these labels.  Thanks for your inspiring life, Delpha.

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