Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Deseret Hospital Quilt Museum

This is a great year for the Deseret Hospital Quilt Museum at This is the Place Park!  We have four great events planned, so mark your calendar.
The first is for the Relief Society Birthday Celebration, the month of March.  Jodi Warner has graciously agreed to let us hang a quilt show of her quilts.  She will be giving her own trunk show on March 10th at 1:00pm.  It’s open to everyone and free to guild members.  Don’t miss this, if you have never been to the museum, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the building and what it has to offer.

The next event will be in April.  The park has baby animal days and we are going to hang baby quilts for the whole month.  We need your help in allowing us to hang your baby quilts.  We will be tying some baby quilts also so  look for more details in the future.

During the summer we are going to have a Quilt History Fair.  It will run from May 25 through September 3.  We will be hanging different collections of antique quilts and have different lectures on both quilt history and preserving antique quilts.  All this will be free to guild members.  We are still working on scheduling so again stay tuned for more details.

For Christmas, we are having a Log Cabin Christmas.  The show will be hung from November 23rd until the end of December. We want to hang as many log cabin quilts as we can.  They don’t need to be Christmas, they only need to be log cabins.  If you have been thinking of making one or are in the process of making one, this will give you time to finish.  There will be prizes so again stay tuned.

The Deseret Quilt Museum is a beautiful building dedicated to the art of quilting.  There is a large collection of antique quilts that belong there that need to be recognized for their outstanding quilts.  We are trying to promote this museum and make it a focal point for the Utah Quilt Guild as that is why it was built.  The library will soon be housed there as well.  Please give us your support in developing this venue.  We need help in all aspects of putting on these shows.  We would like to make Utah more of a quilt destination. 
Please contact Lisa Wegener to volunteer any help you can give.  Thanks Lisa Wegener  at wegener123@q.com

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