Monday, January 16, 2012

Quilt with a Story

Carol Hunt from Midway donated this quilt to our "Happy Chemo Project" which is this year's Charity Project.  Carol tell us that: "This quilt top was given to me in 1990 by Virginia 'Rusty' Hendrick.  She is an award winning hand quilter, past secretary of the NQA and purveyor of a portable plastic quilt rack which she sold at quilt venues.  It was given to her by the mother of a young lady who was working on it and died of cancer before she could finish it and the mother did not quilt so gave it to Rusty.  I admired it and Rusty gave it to me.  The ladies faces were all askew as were the kimonos.  I took them apart and redid them.  I backed it, hand quilted it, and bound it.  We recently moved from California to Utah and I came across it and felt it should go to the Quilts for Cancer."  Thank you Carol, for giving us the background story to this fun quilt.

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Richard Healey said...

I like it, Its a great quilt for a great cause.