Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quilt Fest Update

 Time really flies once the warm really hot weather arrives.  There are only 75 days until the fun begins at Quilt Fest in St. George!  Class registrations are coming in daily so don't delay too long or you may not get in the class you really want.  So far, seven classes are full, but don't despair, someone may add/drop so keep checking the website for updates.  If you aren't familiar with our site, once you are on the homepage, click the button on the left sidebar that says 'Events', drop down to 'Quilt Fest', click, and there you are.
Remember, the last day to register for classes or lecture luncheons is 8:00 p.m. Sept. 7th, and the last day to get a refund is at 5:00 p.m. on Sept. 3rd.

Have you sent in your quilt show entry form?  Paperwork must be in by Sept. 1st.  We all really enjoy seeing everyone's quilts and without quilts there is no show!  One of my earlier posts (June 1st) talked about having a quilt judged.  So, here is another question for you:  do you want to improve your skills as a quilter?  If the answer is yes, the best way is to enter a quilt.  You will get unbiased comments on what you have mastered and what may need improvement.  Usually there are minor flaws that just require paying attention to detail.  The area that most people need improvement on is the binding.  It's the last thing we do to finish our quilt and by the time we reach this point we just want to 'get it done'!  Right?  Judges check to make sure the binding is filled to the edge with batting, stitches are close together so there are no (toe catcher) gaps, and it doesn't ripple or wrinkle from being stretched as it is sewn.  More next time.....

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