Thursday, October 25, 2012

Membership Registrar Needed

"The Utah Quilt Guild is seeking volunteers for the position of Membership Registrar.  The Membership Registrar receives membership application/renewal forms and dues.  S/he makes timely bank deposits and turns in deposit receipts to the Treasurer.  S/he updates the database, online directory and login data for members.  S/he provides current mailing addresses for newsletter mailings (both postal and electronic) and other computer data as requested by officers for use in guild matters.  S/he is vital in keeping accurate membership records, which are especially important as we move into a time of more and more online access.
     This position will be open beginning January 2014. The reason we are advertising early for this opening is to allow interested people to talk to and/or meet with the current registrar and get a feel for the duties and responsibilities of the position.  If you are comfortable with email and computer work and are interested in this position, contact Paula Dalby at"

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