Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's the Party Season!

Kalico Kut-ups held their Christmas Party last week.  Nothing better than good food with good friends having a wonderful time!  Laughter is soothing to the soul!

 Waiting for everyone to arrive.
 Enjoying dinner.
 Presents galore!  Who will choose what?  Who will steal it away?
A fun little wall hanging.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How True!

This note arrived in my email today:

Sometimes it's easy to miss the impact of the little things we do. We know the goal of the UQG is to preserve and promote the art of quilt-making, but we forget that we do that just by doing what we do. We don't need to wear a sign around all the time or hand out flyers for the guild at every opportunity. Although these activities are appreciated, some of us just aren't comfortable with that--and it's ok. We can just do what we love--make things, and give them away or show them off!

My niece's school does a little Santa Shoppe each year where they sell donated, handmade items as a fundraiser. The kids and their families come and shop for themselves and gifts and the school gets all the profit since all of the items are donated. I always send at least a few items to help out. This year, my sister sent me back this little note...

"I was there when someone bought the music notes hanging and the other one in the frame (not the same person). The guy who bought the music notes hanging was there with his pre-school son, and they selected it for his piano teacher. He was talking to me about all the craft items he was getting, and saying how he liked to get these lovely, handmade things instead of "plastic junk." He picked up the quilt and said, "See, now here's something that someone sat and did by hand. That someone cared about what she was doing..." I said, "Yes, it was my sister, actually." He said, "All the better!"