Monday, February 18, 2013

A Sad Farewell.....

I regret to inform you that Jean Christensen, the founding Member of the Utah Quilt Guild, passed away last week.  Her funeral is today.   She will always be treasured in our hearts as our guild grows and lives on. We will always have her beautiful Quilt Collection and Lace Collection at This is The Place State Park. May she always be remembered as we gather and quilt and celebrated our quilting joys and failures together.

UQG President

Friday, February 15, 2013

Guild Meetings in Full Swing

Did everyone have a Happy Valentine Day?  Have you all enjoyed the freezing cold and mountains of snow?  No?  Me either!!  It could be worse, though.  At least we're not on the East Coast this year!

Okay, back to the post.  This year is moving just too fast.  Cindy, from the N Davis/Weber area sent pictures from the Ogden Quilt Guild and the Roy Pioneer Guild.  They had their meetings this week and it looks like everyone has been busy.

Verla, from the Ogden Quilt Guild showed several of her quilts.

Another one of Verla's quilts.

These pictures are from the Roy Guild, but I don't have names (or faces) to go with the quilts.  They look good though!

Oh!  This one is Betty's row quilt!

I'd love to post pictures from more guilds in Utah.....we have quite a few......and I know everyone out in blogland would love to see the beautiful quilts our members make!  Please e-mail me or leave a comment on this post for information on getting pictures to me.  Thanks.