Saturday, March 16, 2013

National Quilt Day update

Yesterday was a beehive of activity at the Legacy Village in Layton, UT.  Over 100 quilts were hung, boutique items set up, silent auction baskets and mini quilts ready, and everything else that needs to be organized and finished before the show opens!  All of this done in about 3-4 hours! 

The quilt show will be open from 10 - 4 today, so if you didn't get there yesterday, come on over today.  Pictures will be posted later, so come back to the blog later.

There were two trunk shows yesterday.  The first one was very special because the quilts belonged to some of the residents.  There were 11 antique quilts shown along with their stories. One of the quilts was 150 years old!  What a treat!

Robin Orchard presented a wonderful trunk show based on her scrap quilting.  Her quilts are always fun to look at and her use of lights, mediums and darks really makes the designs come to life.  This is the way to use all of those fabrics you don't like anymore because little bits of ugly suddenly becomes the perfect piece in the quilt.

Today there will be two more trunk shows.  Marilyn Toone will be showing some of her award winning applique and hand quilted quilts.  Another award winning quilter will be Kaye Evans.  Kaye will be showing a variety of styles and color used in her quilts.  The trunk shows will be presented this afternoon.

More to follow later.....

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