Sunday, April 14, 2013

Roy Pioneer Quilt Guild

The Roy Pioneer Guild had a lot of Show & Tell this month.  They are a very busy guild with a lot of talented quilters ( all of our guilds have lots of talent....some hidden, but there).

Rebecca's brother made this quilt.  Nice job!

Sue's itty bitty quilt.  (Sue loves all things small)

Dolly's Beauty

Dolly's Pride & Joy

Dolly's quilt

Ruthie's itty bitty quilt.  Look at those little points!

Sara would like to know if anyone remembers what year this was taught at Quilt Fest.  Anyone remember?  Leave a comment or email me if you do.  Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

The Utah quilt is from a class taught by Liz Teerlink in 2007. It is her original design.