Monday, October 21, 2013

The Rest of the Story

Here are a few more pictures and tidbits from Quilt Fest.  Friday, our luncheon speaker was Kim Diehl who is the author of the "Simple" quilting books...Simple Blessings, Simple Traditions, etc.  Her quilts are all about comfort and cozy, while her applique gives each one an artistic flair.  Kim also designs fabric for Henry Glass when she is not teaching or writing.  (Sorry there is no photo, bad lighting)

Friday evening we had a lecture with Elly Sienkiewicz, the Queen of Baltimore!  Ellie is the encyclopedia of Baltimore Album Quilts and has had a big impact on the revival of this style of quilting.  The applique in these quilts all have a meaning and the symbols can be found throughout history from all over the world.  Just a delightful learning experience.

Monday, October 14, 2013

More Quilt Fest Fun

My apologies for intermittent posts during Quilt Fest. Got the beginning and end.  Now for the middle. 

Thursday's luncheon speaker was Susan McBride Gilgen, who now resides in St. George, UT.  Sue has won many national awards for her beautiful landscape quilts.  She draws inspiration from trips to many countries and their culture, as well as the lush greens of NC, rural Wisconsin, and of course, southern Utah. 

Sue's quilts glow from within from her use of color and contrast.  She encourages students to really look around including up, to see nature's beauty.

Thursday evening everyone was treated to a young, contemporary band called "Six Short Words".  Any guesses on what those six words might be?  Leave a comment with your guess.  Here is a clue:  One of the band members is the son of our Quilt Fest Chair, Sharon Wright.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Last Day Already?

Internet connections have been a little sporadic the last few days, so I will post more happenings when I get home.  Hopefully this will post before all is lost again.

It is Saturday which means Quilt Fest is coming to a close.  A little sad to see everyone go, but very nice to think about what has occurred during the past few days.  A BIG thank you to Sharon Wright who put this event together, and a BIG thank you to everyone who helped organize the event, and a BIG thank you to all the teachers, and a BIG thank you to the participants who made all the hard work worthwhile.

The winners of the mini-quilts, pink quilts, art baskets and opportunity quilt will be announced at the luncheon today.  In case you haven't seen them here are a few pictures for now.

More photos to follow.....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day One Fun at Quilt Fest

Yesterday was the first full day of Quilt Fest and it was full of classes, fun and entertainment.  Anita Grossman Solomon was our noontime speaker and she had us in stitches!  No pun intended!  We all complain about the lack of space for our craft, but imagine living in a NYC apartment where space really is a premium.  Anita gave us some very innovative ideas!  She likes to starch her fabric because it makes it easier for her cutting methods, but where do you hang it to dry?  Wet starched fabric will stick to shower walls with no problem.  Just peel it off when it's dry!  Wait until everyone on your floor goes to work or school and use the hallway as your design wall...nice and big.  Her cutting and sewing methods also cut down time and waste, so visit her website at to see her patterns and methods.

It is really difficult to get good photos in a dim ballroom but these a few samples of Anita's work.

The  winner of the Silver Thimble Award is Bonnie Miles!  She has done a lot for the guild and has promoted quilting with many, many well attended classes.  Congratulations, Bonnie!

Our evening program was "Stitch and Swoon" with vocalist Scott Butler. What a wonderful voice Scott has! There was lots of stitching and soothing songs as the first day came to an end. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Opening Gala!

Quilt Fest has officially begun!  Quilt Show winners were announced, we met the teachers, had a make and take, and lots of fun demos!  Tomorrow will be filled with some great classes and the opening of the quilt show, so come and join the fun.  The weather has been perfect and the mountains are gorgeous.

Just a few pictures of this evenings activities.....

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Almost Time!

Quilt Fest 2013 begins in one week!  Registration will begin Tuesday afternoon and the opening Gala and meet the teachers will start off the festivities Tuesday evening.  The teachers will have examples of their class projects on display and there will be demos along with some light refreshments.  Tickets will be available at the door if you haven't gotten yours yet.  Quilt Fest is also a time to renew old friendships and make new friends.  Hope to see you next week!