Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day One Fun at Quilt Fest

Yesterday was the first full day of Quilt Fest and it was full of classes, fun and entertainment.  Anita Grossman Solomon was our noontime speaker and she had us in stitches!  No pun intended!  We all complain about the lack of space for our craft, but imagine living in a NYC apartment where space really is a premium.  Anita gave us some very innovative ideas!  She likes to starch her fabric because it makes it easier for her cutting methods, but where do you hang it to dry?  Wet starched fabric will stick to shower walls with no problem.  Just peel it off when it's dry!  Wait until everyone on your floor goes to work or school and use the hallway as your design wall...nice and big.  Her cutting and sewing methods also cut down time and waste, so visit her website at to see her patterns and methods.

It is really difficult to get good photos in a dim ballroom but these a few samples of Anita's work.

The  winner of the Silver Thimble Award is Bonnie Miles!  She has done a lot for the guild and has promoted quilting with many, many well attended classes.  Congratulations, Bonnie!

Our evening program was "Stitch and Swoon" with vocalist Scott Butler. What a wonderful voice Scott has! There was lots of stitching and soothing songs as the first day came to an end. 

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