Monday, October 14, 2013

More Quilt Fest Fun

My apologies for intermittent posts during Quilt Fest. Got the beginning and end.  Now for the middle. 

Thursday's luncheon speaker was Susan McBride Gilgen, who now resides in St. George, UT.  Sue has won many national awards for her beautiful landscape quilts.  She draws inspiration from trips to many countries and their culture, as well as the lush greens of NC, rural Wisconsin, and of course, southern Utah. 

Sue's quilts glow from within from her use of color and contrast.  She encourages students to really look around including up, to see nature's beauty.

Thursday evening everyone was treated to a young, contemporary band called "Six Short Words".  Any guesses on what those six words might be?  Leave a comment with your guess.  Here is a clue:  One of the band members is the son of our Quilt Fest Chair, Sharon Wright.

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