Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fun 2014 Quilt Fest

 Opening Night Gala at Quilt Fest.  A time to meet the teachers, see some demos and visit with friends.

 Ami Simms (right by the main door) showing her "Magic Ball".  These are so fun to make and kids, big and small, love to take them apart and put them together again.

Lots of interesting demos going on throughout the room.
 And then there are the chocolate fountains!  With fresh fruit to dip!
 Wednesday luncheon crowd.  Some folks come just for the lecture at lunch which are always informative and entertaining!  Each day one of our National Teachers is the guest speaker and gives the attendees a chance to see some of their work.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nine Days Left!

Okay, Folks, we are getting down to the wire!  A week from tomorrow the Quilt Fest Committee will begin getting things ready for the quilt show, classes and everything that needs to happen behind the scenes to make this year a success! Then the real fun begins with the Tuesday evening Opening Gala where you can meet the teachers, see their class projects, and some demos.  The opening Gala also gives everyone a chance to see friends and catch up on what's been happening since last year's Quilt Fest.

There are still some opening in classes, so if you still haven't signed up check the website for what is available.  Once you get to Quilt Fest, you can still sign up for a class at the registration desk.  

And, don't forget the quilt show and vendors!  Can't have Quilt Fest without them!!  Hope to see you there!