Sunday, March 8, 2015

International Women's Day
Celebrating 100 Years

Make It Happen is this year's theme and this day represents an opportunity to celebrate women's achievements around the world.  The UQG President chose the Battered Women's Shelters in Utah and Eastern Idaho and this year's charity project.  Your Area Representatives will collect donated quilts and coordinate with local shelters.  If you are interested in working on this effort, members have begun to organize membership sew-ins.  While you are cleaning out your staff, keep in mind this goal and help Make It Happen.

It can't be said enough, you too can Make It Happen but submitting blog content (group updates, announcements, photographs, etc) to the Blog/Social Media Coordinator; just reference the latest Beeline newsletter for contact information.

Below are a couple of commemorative quilts supporting and celebrating this day.

Women's Rights Quilt ca. 1875 Midwest, United States