Sunday, April 26, 2015

American Heart Association Fat Quarter Challenge

The heart disease research challenge fabric has arrived.  Please check with your Area Representative and purchase your fat quarter soon.

We hope you enjoy working on your quilt.  Please remember no more than 160" perimeter, at least ONE LEAF included in your project and use a recognizable amount of the fabric.  Again, the leaf may be pieced, appliqued, embroidered, quilted, painted, stamped - whatever your imagination suggests.  You may have a terrestrial or aquatic leaf, realistic, or stylized.  The leaf does not have to be out of the challenge fabric.  You do not need to limit yourself to one leaf.

You are asked to donate your completed quilt for show and sell at Quilt Fest 2015.  This is how UQG is raising monies for our selected charity.  the funds will be donated to heart disease research.  Thank you for your participation in this worthwhile project.  The fabric reminds us of that early spring green.  The green that is so vibrant it almost hurts your eyes.  If you have lived in the Midwest, you know what we mean.  Those just budding out leaves, before they get covered in dust.  That type of green is such a wonderful color to experience.  Fabric selected is Marcus Fabrics Primo Batiks R07-5839-005 in case you need ore than is available from your Area Rep for your quilt.

The studies we are most interested in include peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) which is a potentially lethal condition that affects women either near the end of pregnancy or shortly after delivery.  The mother’s heart loses its ability to function, jeopardizing the lives of both the mother and the baby at this time it cannot be prevented as no one knows what causes the condition.  The researchers are looking for markers in the blood or in the DNA that may predict who will develop PPCM.  The other study concerns Atrial Fibrillation (AF), which is an irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart related conditions.  It turns out that AF patients are at a higher risk of developing dementia.  The researchers are looking at three possible explanations as to why AF patients are at a higher risk for this horrible disease.  One is genetic markers, the other two concerns the medication the AF patients receive do they cause micro strokes or reduce blood flow to vital organs?  One or both studies will benefit from the UQG challenge. Please see your area rep for fabric.

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