Sunday, April 26, 2015

Scholarship for Beginning Quilter

Due June 1, 2015

As UQG Officers, we know that for the art of quilt-making to thrive we must do all we can to encourage new quilters.  Let’s face it, the average age for a quilter is 65 and we have to encourage new quilters to replace us as we fade away.  Every year we offer a
scholarship for a BEGINNING quilter, young or old.

These are the benefits:

1. Registration Fee to Quilt Fest (QF) 2015 is PAID

2. Tuesday Night Opening Gala is FREE

3. Two 3 hr classes or one 6 hr class from a local teacher is FREE

4. Two FREE lunch/National Teacher lectures

5. One night at the Hilton FREE.  The Scholarship is valued at about $250.

These are the requirements:

1. Needs to have quilted less than 3 years, and be at least 18 years old.

2. Needs to have started at least 3 quilts. (Finishing is a good goal as well. Maybe QF can help with that).

3. Needs to be a member of the UQG ($20)

4. Needs to write a small essay, 300-500 words describing what quilting means to you, and what you would like to learn at QF

5. Two pictures of your quilts with a little explanation. Make sure your name is on the essay and the pictures.

6. Fill out the simple form below and send it all to: UQG c/o K.Porter.

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