Monday, April 6, 2015

We Want Your Updates

Calling all Bloggers, Facebookers, Instagramers, and Twitter-ers (Is that a word? If not it is now, maybe I should have said Tweeters).

With so many cellular phones that have camera capabilities, why not snap a few shots from your group meetings and submit them to me with a paragraph write-up?  It's that simple!  If you have a blog or website that you keep up-to-date, send me an email or tag me so I can use that information. Send it to

Just look at ALL of these regional groups that could be submitting short stories on their group activities:

Bear River Area-
  • Happy Harvest Quilt Guild
  • Oneida Quilters
  • Quilt Set

Cache/Rich Area-
  • Needles and Friends
  • Patchwork Friends Quilt Guild
  • Peace by Piece Guild
  • Preston Piecers
  • Sew Small
  • South Cache Quilters
  • Ties That Bind

Davis-North/Weber Area-
  • Layton Quilters
  • Piece of Mind
  • Roy Pioneer Quilt Guild
  • Kalico Kut-Ups
  • Syracuse Quilt Guild
  • Ogden Quilt Guild

Davis-South Area-
  • Ogden/Salt Lake Long-Arm Guild
  • Computerized Quilter's Guild
  • Crazy Quilters
  • Quilt Addicts
  • Quilt Spinners
  • Main Street Quilters

East Central Area-
  • Quilt Keepers
  • Sanpete Stitchin' Sisters
  • Horseshoe Mountain Quilters
  • White Hills Quilt Guild
  • Mountain Valley Quilt Guild

Salt Lake North Area-
  • City Stitchers
  • Gone to Pieces
  • Colonial Quilters
  • Quilters Holladay
  • Rose Park Patchwork Quilters

Salt Lake South Area-
  • Keepsake Quilters
  • Sandy Stitchers
  • Quilting Divas
  • Nuttall's Nimble Thimbles
  • Southeast Area-
  • Castle Country Quilters
  • Castle Country Quilters Evening Group
  • San Rafael Piecemakers
  • Delicate Stitchers
  • Grayson County Quilters
  • Melon Seam Spitters
  • Quiltin' Time Quilters

Southwest Area-
  • Raising Kane
  • Dixie Quilt Guild
  • Canyon Country Quilt Guild

Summit Area-
  • Heber Valley Quilters
  • Kamas Valley Quilters
  • Midway Heritage Quilt Guild
  • Midway Thursday Threads

Utah County North Area-
  • Basting Buddies Quilt Guild
  • Dog Kennel Quilt Guild
  • New Friends Quilt Circle
  • That Alpine Group
  • The Utah Valley Quilt Guild
  • The Maple Mountain Quilt Guild
  • Knotts
  • LongArm QTs

West Central Area-
  • Piece in the Valley

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