Sunday, May 17, 2015

Our Members Are Busy Bees

Instead of writing a blog post today, I thought I'd share links to what everyone is busy working on that have notified me.  Thanks again, and please keep the notifications coming!  :)

These ladies update their blog often!

The Midway Thursday Threads and Midway Heritage Quilt Guilds on a 2-day retreat!

The Holiday Quilt Guild recently got together to work on Battered Women's Shelter quilts.

Kalico Kutups welcomed Ruth Davis who provided a trunk show. 

Many helped out during service days at the Utah Valley Quilt Guild.

If you are curious why your group/guild updates aren't posted, that's because we haven't been notified of anything to reference.  We'd be more than happy to post your updates too!  Just send notification to or via the Social Media Coordinator email address for Levi posted within the monthly Beeline (or on the website


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