Sunday, June 28, 2015

Utah Arts Festival - Last Day

The Utah Arts Festival is an annual event held at Library Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.  You can see live events, eat fantastic food, view and even purchase art from all sorts of artists.  Just to highlight a few quilt-related artists that are at this year's event, see below (ends tonight):

Lisa Kattenbraker works with batiks on cotton fabric.  Her visual stories of life in the south (where she lived prior to Olympia) influenced her creativity.
Yan Inlow first prints an image on silk backing then embroiders with silk these amazing works of art.

Busy Lil' Bees

Our members have been busy indoors quilting.  It's not unlikely that the 100 degree temperature outside is being used as an excuse to get some sewing done ;)

Here are a few updates from UQG groups:

Monday, June 15, 2015

For All of You Idaho (Northern Utah) Quilters - A New Store!!!

I just visited our ONLY dedicated quilt store in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  DAYDREAMS QUILT N SEW is owned and managed by Annalee Leonard.  The UQG Board was interested in learning about Annalee and her store.  Here is what I found out talking to her this afternoon.

Annalee sewed as a youngster and loved it.  When her new toy sewing machine failed to work, her mom let her sew on the grown-up machine.  Annalee became an 8-year old couturier, turning scraps into doll clothes. “I was in heaven,” she recalls.  She smiles remembering visits to her grandmother when she played underneath the quilting frame - and was allowed to “help” with any quilt that was currently on it.  She earned a degree in Fashion Design and Production at Ricks College (now BYU-I), and married Tim.  They have four kids (ages 13-19) and a menagerie of assorted pets.

Many people will recognize Annalee as the manager of the the Ribbon Retreat’s quilt store in Shelley, ID.  The store was a trial addition to The Ribbon Retreat’s on-line ribbon business.  “I had to learn the vocabulary of quilting so I could talk to my customers!  I loved coming to work there.” When The Ribbon Retreat closed it’s fabric shop, Annalee (and her quilting customers!) were heartbroken.  There were no other quilt stores in the area and large craft stores just aren’t the same. That’s when the dream of opening her own shop took shape.  Annalee started to plan and dreamt big. The result was Daydreams which opened in November, 2014.  She and Tim cashed in his 401K to invest in the shop.  They found a lovely location overlooking the Snake River.   Her inventory of fabrics and tools is relatively small, but growing as the store becomes established. The fabric is of excellent quality and well-chosen.  The shop has superb lighting (a real plus!) and a comfortable work area that can accommodate 14 quilters.  The shop offers both day and night activities and is very welcoming.

Go ahead and visit Daydreams when you are in the Idaho Falls area.  Special Note:  Daydreams is hosting several Snake River Valley Quilt Guild sew-ins.  They are making quilts for area domestic crisis shelters.  This project is part of the UQG’s service project for 2015, and we very much appreciate Annalee’s support.  Daydream Quilt N Sew is located at 802 Pancheri Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83402-3344, telephone (208) 227-8394, find them on Facebook at