Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Badges Awarded

A few photos taken at Quilt Fest 2015 are posted to the UQG Facebook page

Krisanne Watkins thanked her wonderful committee for all of their hard work at Quilt Fest 2015.

Cindy Hutchison went above and beyond in searching out financial support and in kind donations.

Kathy Porter came up with the Merit Badge idea and spent untold hours creating them.  She also helped me out with the Tuesday night orientation and Meet the Teachers.

Marie Haws again did a wonderful job on the Art Auction.  And she once again made wonderful theme related lanyards for the quilt fest committee.

Brenda Bell is the most amazingly well organized Secretary ever.

Crystal North created a wonderful Vendor’s Mall and really looked out for the vendors.  The Jamboree was a huge success.  Not to mention all of the problems encountered with the website this year. She was helping us out from Paris when the website went down early on.

Marian Gallian took care of the finances and kept me on the straight and narrow when I came up with new ways to spend guild money.

Lanise Thompson and Carrolee Howell essentially did not receive any official training, but took on the Registrar position.

Barb Walsh did an excellent job in teacher selection and is a worthy Silver Thimble winner.

Carole Lifferth did an amazing job with the Quilt Show.

Bev DeMaria aptly filled the slots with volunteers ready to fill in as needed.

Marsha Chappell did a wonderful job with our Teacher’s Pets.

I heard such positive feedback on the table favors done by Shelli Stephenson, as well as the door prizes collected and distributed by Sue Tubbs and Lorri Bashein.

Brenda Richardson, Margaret Gray, Valerie Burton, and Kaye Evans each accepted responsibilities for Mini Quilts, Save the Boobies, Challenge Quilts, and Hand Quilting.

Allison Babcock yet again did a wonderful job with luncheon reservations.

Shantelle Cox created the amazing brochure.

Jill Cox did a great job with Publicity and T-shirts.

Elise Larsen pitched in whenever and wherever needed as our floater.

Mary Evans directed our Camp Retreat, sewing machine storage, and Mystery Quilt.

Helen Meeks and Sylvia Lewis watched over our Open Sew.

Geralyn Powers came up with a wonderful Make and Take idea, and then carried it out.

Elaine Carlson took over the lunchroom mini quilt shows.

Nina Cooke helped out with the welcome bags.

Karen Olsen was in charge of property -loading it all up and setting it up in the conference center. She and Margaret Gray were still involved in taking it all down and returning it to the storage unit up until 9:30pm.

Finally, thanks to all of you who volunteered.  Your contributions were greatly appreciated.

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