Monday, November 30, 2015

Tearing Through Salt Lake City, the Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminar


·         Quilt Magazine Designer Spotlight

President Elect Kathy Porter as Ricky's Special Assistant
Volunteers:  Early to Rise, Late to Bed.  From dawn to well… past dusk, volunteers helped their well-oiled operation by both Cyndy and Justin.  Unloading and loading the trailer, setting up and taking down the store and quilt show, had daily job assignments and shifts including designated "white gloves" for the quilt show, ushers for seminar entry and awarding of prizes, store shop-keeps, registration, and helpers.  Believe me we earned our keep And Our 60% Off, Whoo Hoo!!!  FabricBooksDVDsPatternsMusic

President Cindy Hutchinson showing the back of Dad's Lone Star
Linda Rowberry assisting John with memberships

Seminar:  You might have previously read these and thought, yeah that's just "marketing"... well I said it as did many others in attendance.

"Never in my twenty years of quilting have I had such a mind-opening experience as the Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar."  

"This is the best seminar I've EVER taken!" 

"This was the best class I've had in years and well worth it!" 
- From SLC

"Ricky and Alex explain things like no one else does and they definitely were not boring speakers!" - From SLC

What we learned....

ü  Quilting Caveman Style
ü  An improvisational approach to piecing without templates, measuring, or sewing quarter-inch seams.
ü  Convergence Quilts
ü  Magical, mysterious, easy, and fun art quilts.
ü  Out of Your Mind?
ü  Learn the design elements of art and create your own original quilts. This study applies to both traditional quilters and art quilters.
ü  Rhapsody Quilts
ü  Create your own formal, multi-technique, innovative and original quilt, with flowing curves that are mirrored and reversed to create perfectly balanced symmetry.
ü  No Pins Curves; That’s right, no pins!
ü  Setting-in Corners and Circles
ü  Imagine sewing a circle into a hole!  Not appliquéd
ü  Magical Marking Techniques; This will change your life!
ü  Heirloom Machine Quilting Secrets
ü  What batting? What is the best design?
ü  How can you manage a large quilt?
ü  Award-winning Machine Applique
ü  Learn to Outline Appliqué for finesse and Scribble Applique to create wonderful landscape expressions
ü  Kool Kaleidoscope Quilts
ü  A Kaleidoscope quilt that is easy and accessible for all quilters
ü  Spectacular Piped Bindings These time-saving and breathtaking bindings are put on entirely by machine
ü  Bobbinwork Basics


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