Saturday, February 6, 2016

5 Bad Quilting Habits to Break

1.  Not Ironing/Pressing Your Seams

Although this “seams” tedious, ironing your seams open makes a huge difference in how your quilt lays or hangs as well as how it fits together.  Why measure and cut with the correct math if you aren’t going to bother pressing your seams correctly?  You will notice your quality of work is significantly higher if you do this.

2.  Cutting on the Same Spot of Your Mat

We all are tempted to lay and cut our fabric on a certain corner or area of our mat every time (we are creatures of habit), but when doing this over and over, we are ruining our cutting mats and shortening their lifespan.  Be sure to treat your mats to a drink every once in a while.

3.  Putting Pins in Your Mouth

I’ve done it and actually I caught myself – just now – doing it again.  I’m not your mother and don’t need to roll my eyes at anyone but take a second to read this story.

4.  Having Bad Posture While Sewing

One of my nicknames growing up was “jay bird” because I sat on my legs all of the time (and still do even at a computer and at the dinner table) so you can only image my posture when I’m sewing for hours upon hours.  Sewing Ergonomics

5.  Cutting Paper With Your Fabric Scissors

Using your fabric scissors on anything other than fabric will dull them quickly.  Quilters most likely already know this but family members need the reminder.