Friday, October 6, 2017

How can I compete?

This post is to share some UQG member thoughts on quilt shows...

Guilds should stick to the submission deadline.  If your quilt is turned in late, it shouldn't be accepted.

No sleeve no-entry; if rules aren't followed no-entry.  If the rules say red & white, why are other colors accepted?  If it were black & white then red (or any other color) shouldn't be in your quilt and it should not be accepted into the show.  Rules should not have any "grey area" to be misinterpreted.

Why not a category for Original Design?

Can there be a point system for judging?

Professional quilter vs. non-professional definition.

If a quilter wins in the same category with the same type of quilt every year, how can others compete and why do they even want to enter their quilt?  Perception is that judging in these cases are rigged.  Shouldn't there be a limitation on how often they can continue to enter those type of quilts?  Perhaps they shouldn't be able to win in the same category the following year.  If they want to enter a quilt, they simply have to enter it into a different category. 

What other topics would you like posted on this blog to spark comments from members?  Comment on this post and I will continue to blog about important things. 


Paula Dalby said...

I would like to see a category where all of the work was done by one person. The entrant did the piecing, applique, quilting, binding. Also yes, there should be separate categories for professional (quilts for pay), hobbyist, beginner (finished less than 5 quilts, or quilting less than 5 years).

Janet O. said...

I believe that rules should apply across the board--not just to those that don't make a noise about it.
When others have been careful to stay within guidelines, is it fair to them to make exceptions for those who have not?
Having professional/nonprofessional categories could get tricky. People who have someone else quilt their quilts after they do the piecing, may be a non-professional themselves, but they have hired a professional to do their quilting. Where to draw the line? Maybe that is where the idea of a category for a quilt made all by one person fits in.