Thursday, November 16, 2017

UFO Completion Challenge

2018 President, Josephine Keasler has come up with a bunch of incentives to encourage all of us to participate in an UnFinished Objects (UFO) Challenge during 2018.  Leigh Weintraub will be tracking your progress for the Challenge and Prize drawings.  There will be a drawing for a prize each month and 2 Grand Prizes awarded at Quilt Fest 2018.

  1. UGQ membership must be current for participants.  Memberships run from March 31 through the following March 31.
  2. Get your UFO Challenge Form from the UQGwebsite or
  3. Submit your completed Challenge Form to Leigh via snail mail, and as soon as possible, before January 31, 2018. (4300 Brockbank Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84124).  List as many UFOs and pages that you want.  The first column is for her to track completion dates.  Place X’s in each row and column for the parts of the project that have been completed.  Be certain to legibly enter your name, page number, phone number and/or email on each page submitted.  UFOs may not be added to the form as the Challenge proceeds.  Retain a copy for your records, please.
  4. A small gift from UQG and a $10 gift certificate to Elaine’s Quilt Block will be given after receipt of your completed Challenge Form.
  5. Send a photo of your completed UFOs and description or name to her each month that you complete one or more UFOs.  Snail mail or email must be received no later than the 5th day of the following month to be included in the previous month’s drawing.  The winner will be announced in the next Beeline.  Example: January’s finished UFO’s will be announce in March’s Beeline.
  6. Grand Prize winners for the Challenge will be drawn at the 2018 Quilt Fest Saturday luncheon.  Each completed UFO during the Challenge will be entered to win one of the Grand Prizes.  First Prize is a $300 gift certificate.  Second Prize is a $200 gift certificate.  The Gift certificates are good at one of the following stores (your choice):  Village Dry Goods (Brigham City), Elaine’s Quilt Block (Cottonwood Heights), Scrap Apple Quilts (St. George).
  7. Happy Quilting! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Seeking Photos

Liz desperately needs photos from quilt festival and quilting events across the state for 2017.  Especially pictures from quilt festival of the National teachers or classrooms, mini quilts, baskets or luncheons.  She has plenty of photos of the wonderful red and white quilt show.  There was a historian for only a short time for the Utah Quilt Guild in 2017 and she's trying to create a history book for the guild and for the past president.  

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Please use the following email address for the photos or to contact her with any information.